Latitud Podcast

#131 – Everything tech: Yuri Danilchenko, Latitud

February 21, 2023 Latitud Season 4 Episode 131
Latitud Podcast
#131 – Everything tech: Yuri Danilchenko, Latitud
Show Notes

Yuri Danilchenko is Latitud's tech-co founder, and I have introduced him many times before.  Personally, what I find very compelling about his story is that we can see clearly how his personal experience helped shape who he is and how he works. 

He was born naturally curious about technology and is a great translator between product x business, and tech. He grew up in Russia during some history-defining moments and moved to the US, where he got his masters in Artificial Intelligence. He worked at several startups and, later, in Brazil, he co-founded Vamos. 

In this episode, we discussed: 

  • The tech job market. 
  • How to attract and keep talent. 
  • Where the technology is heading, and how this will impact our lives and work. 

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